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To manage and track Modelio bugs and feature requests, the Modelio community uses project-based bug trackers in the Modelio forge

When you find something wrong (or that you think is wrong), go to the bug tracker page of the relevant project and post a bug report. The project developers will decide what to do with your report and how to process it. Do not count on someone else to report the bug even if it seems obvious. Only reported and commented bugs can be fixed and your help here is essential to improve the quality of the Modelio platform.

Beware that the quality of your bug report in terms of accuracy and details will make it much easier to take into account and resolve. Therefore a few recommendations apply:

  • Before posting a bug, check whether it has already been posted. Use the bug tracker search for this.
  • Carefully fill in the bug report form, adding any possibly useful information to reproduce and analyze the bug.
  • Post the bug in the proper project. There will soon be a bug tracker for the Modelio Modeler project and a dedicated bug tracker for each module project.
  • Be patient - the project developers may only be a few while the user community may be large...

You will need to be a registered user on the Modelio Forge to post a bug report in any project bug tracker. This is mainly to keep spammers out and for your own protection.

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