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What is the Modelio Store?

The Modelio Store provides a large set of free and commercial modules and free scripts. The members of the Community can submit and share their own modules.

What is a script?

A script is a little program used for online requests, macro definition or some useful functionalities. Modelio provides integrated support of the Jython scripting language. It is possible to write script code from a dedicated view on Modelio or to load directly a file (with .py extension).

What is a module?

A module is a Modelio extension supplied as a single file with ".jmdac" file name extension. To use it simply download it and apply it to a Modelio project (How to use a module).

Share your own tools

If you want to share your tools (scripts or modules) and other people to use it, so that they can provide you with feedback, fill bugs reports or maybe even join your team you can use the Modelio Store. This is a place where all Modelio resources are referenced so that users can easily find them.

Submit a Jython script

To submit a script follow these simple steps:

  • In the "Share Scripts" area at the left of the Modelio Store page, click on "Submit your script" link.
  • At the "Share Scripts" page, please fill the submission form with details about your script.

Before being published on the Modelio Store, your script is subject to an evaluation/acceptation process.

Submit a module

If you would like to share your modules (free or commercial), please contact a Modeliosoft sales representative (please consult About/Contact in the Modelio Store menu to obtain the contact information) who will give you all necessary information in order to provide a module in the Modelio Store.

Write reviews

From time to time you may like to review an extension. This can be helpful to other Modelio users to discover existing experiences and thoughts.

At the bottom of a script/module's description, you'll see a "Add comment" form. Once you fill this form, click on "Send" button.

Please be polite, respectful and objective sharing your thoughts. Abuse reviews will be unpublished.

Rate a script or a module

Ratings give people a quick idea of what other Modelio users think of a module.

At the bottom of a script/module's description, you'll see a "Rate now" text. Select your note using the listbox and validate your note by clicking on "Send" button. Please note that you can rate a module only once.

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