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You can help fix bugs either in the code or the documentation in the Modelio Forge.

The Modelio Forge is organized into projects, typically a project for the Modelio Modeler itself and a dedicated project for each module. Therefore to help fix a bug, you first have to find the appropriate project or sub-project in the forge.

The process of fixing a bug or a defect depends on whether or not you are a member of the project in question, but it is possible in both cases. For information on becoming a project member, please see Joining a project.

Fixing a bug for non-members

As a non-member of a project you still have access to the project source files, meaning that you can analyze the bug you want to fix and make the proper correction. However, as a non-member of the project, you will not be able to directly commit your changes in the repository. In this case you should proceed as follows:

- create a patch file (using the ???? tool and command) - send the patch file to the project team, either by posting it in the project forum (where there is one) or by emailing it directly to the project team or team leader. This mainly depends on the project's own rules and applicable policies.

Fixing a bug for members

As a member of a project, you may or may not have been granted "committer rights" that allow you to directly commit your modifications in the project repository. Once again, different projects might have different policies in this area. Consult the project pages or the project leader to find out what your particular situation is with regard to each specific project.

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